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Cellular  Resonance  Therapy

Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT) working on the cellular level, it is non-invasive method uses natural sound vibration, safe and effective. It provides rehabilitation support, fast relaxation and treating many illnesses, including psychosomatic diseases and cancer help.

The principle is tuning body cells and inner organs to their own scientifically defined health frequency (balance) applied in the correct tuning fork. At the same time cancerous cells, being very weak, undergo disintegration process, they just burst due to lack of tuning and they are being removed from the organism together with harmful toxins. The healthy cells, on the other hand, remain intact and even better nourished. This makes that method a non-invasive one, always bringing about positive results for all body cells what almost immediately improve our comfort and frame of mind.

 The strong potential of sound has cleansing properties as well, as it perfectly removes all the toxins from the organism. At the same time, it strengthens body defence mechanism what leads to a conclusion that it is also a long-term means used in prophylaxis allowing us to enjoy life and stay healthy and fit, protecting us even against cancer, obesity and ageing. Tuning forks are manufactured in different sets together with detailed descriptions; depending on the health condition and the application technique used, they serve lifelong. It is essential to remember that sometimes one investment in one’s own health can move away from problems and diseases together with related expenses.


   • Acupuncture and acupressure with the sound (without needles) based on TCM – supportive treatment for 250 different ailments

           • Cleansing organism from blockages, toxins, bacterias, viruses, candida and parasites

• Deep relaxation, stress elimination

                                          • Natural help for mental disorders: depression, anxiety neurosis, phobia, schizophrenia; helping in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD

• Treatments eliminating concentration disorders and learning difficulties

• Cosmetology – Anti-ageing, Slimming, rejuvenating and beauty sessions

• Pain release 

• PMS and soothing menopause symptoms treatments

• Anticancer therapy, working complimentary with traditional treatments for different kinds of cancers

• TCM based Prophylaxis and diagnostics of diseases by natural methods

• Help with addictions (drinking habit, smoking and drug addiction)

• Treatments for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)

• DNA Repair, for genetic diseases, Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy

                   • Circulation, immune or respiratory and digestive system improvement (tune in organs to their healthy frequencies)

• Vibrational Supplementation with sound frequency biominerals

• Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory frequencies

• Rehabilitation, collagen boost

• Weight problems help – bulimia, anorexia, losing weight or anticellulite

                      • Skin diseases treatments: psoriasis, skin allergy, acne, circumscribed alopecia, hair loss, eczema, liver spots and others

Here are just a few of that many areas that are covered:

                                      * Learn a new method of Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT) as Tune&Heal mission – scientifically approved approach with European Accreditation

                                  * Experience new healing techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements (Sound Acupuncture and Sound Reflexology etc.)

                                         * Understand the ancient and modern foundations and applications of sound healing/music therapy, and how you can include them in what you are already doing

                                        * Learn and experience 16 healing techniques with tuning forks + voice including “Anticancer technique” read more here or “DNA repair” for Down Syndrome, Autism, PTSD, depression or beauty techniques

                                    * Learn a new way to support life change and how to bring a person into pure purpose and healthy Body-Mind-Spirit condition (emotional and psychological problems help and support)

* The Self Journey- Tools and practices to support you in living the life you want to live 

* Experience what a spiritual experience our life force offers and pass it on

* Add dimension to your sessions by learning advanced emotional release work with sound vibration

* Open your own office working with a new method of sound therapy

* Gain the skill to create ideal, repeat, high dollar clientele and assist them with life-changing growth and skills

* Explore ideas to impact the societal level with your gifts and wisdom

                                   * Bring healthy power, positive vision and empowered change to this world through Cellular Resonance Therapy sessions. And this is just the tip of the iceburg…



        “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency” Richard  Gordon

Everything in the world is vibration. Each thing operates at its own unique frequency to maintain balance and stability. If the frequency of an organ or emotion is too high or too low it is out of balance, there is the disease. The Tune&Heal CRT method uses RESONANCE together with power of Music Therapy, the Five Elements theory, energy centres and the five senses of the human being (homeostasis) to restore the organ or emotion to its proper frequency. It creates resonance with the vibration of sound (voice, music, tuning forks) to heal the human body, mind and spirit simultaneously. Recent findings now embrace resonance and vibration as the next leap in quantum physics and human development.


Sound Therapy and Cellular Resonance Therapy Research currently represent heterogeneous but growing fields. In their clinical work, Cellular Resonance Therapists or Sound/Music Therapists experience sound vibration as an effective tool in the treatment of various illnesses. Despite this clinical observation, it is necessary in modern societies and current health care systems to prove the effectiveness and efficacy of psychological as well as medical treatments. There is an urgent need for the application of empirical research methods to studying the ingredients of cell resonance therapy or sound therapy in general.
However, different approaches reveal that music is associated with many biological, psychological, and sociocultural phenomena in human life. Concerning these aspects one can conclude that knowledge of working factors is close to evidence-based because the field of outcome studies is growing, undermining the clinical experience of cell resonance therapists and allied professions that sound frequency represents a useful tool in the treatment of different mental, somatic and physical diseases. In clinical observation the therapeutic use of sound operating on cellular level (CRT) often seems adequate and beneficial.  Our last but not least CRT research presents:



AFTER – the left arrow shows an active immune response to cleaning up the buildup. There was a noticeable increase in WBC (White Blood Cell) acitivity in the pre/post samples. This is the remarkable response in this time frame. The circle indicates an optimal RBC – notice to longer clumping

BEFORE – the arrows indicate the RBC clumping which can be caused by dehydration and numerous other more serious contributions. The minimal effect is a decrease in the overall delivery of oxygen which ripples through the body with various levels of compromise. The right arrow is long term issue with protein not being broken properly and essentially a buildup on the arterial wall. As you will see below this become an area where bacteria/fungus/etc can accumulate.