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An individual can experience Biological Conflicts when there is an event, which represents a “biological difficulty”. Then the individual has to overcome and respond to, in order to ensure its biological integrity, survival or integrity of the group to which it belongs. The reaction is automatic, immediate, instinctive and not mediated by ego; only these conflicts can be called biological and are the only ones that will allow to start the Significant Special Biological Program (SBS); completely different from those conflicts, in Psychology, in which conflict is a clash between what a person desires and his/her inner/interpersonal needs and this clash doesn’t allow the satisfaction of this desire, of the need itself or of the objective related to that desire: these are certainly inconveniences for the individual, but will not be capable of causing the activation of a Significant Biological Special Program. The biological conflicts that can issue a DHS, are the following:

​​“Morsel” conflicts ​​

“Attack” conflicts (or fear of being attacked) 

​​“Self-devaluation” conflicts

“Territory and separation” conflicts

Only these conflicts and only if experienced as DHS by the individual (unexpected, sudden, dramatic and lived in isolation) will cause functional and tissue alterations as a significant answer, following the trend of the biphasic curve and the 3rd Biological Law. Conflicts and the Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) that are produced, allow us both as individuals and as a species to survive in worst-case scenarios and in less dramatic cases to react to the unexpected occurred event.

Not all the traumatic events create the conflict on biological level. These are  conflicts in which the following conditions occur:




​​dramatic ​​

experienced in isolation




According to Germanic New Medicine and  Psychobiology  a “conflict shock” or DHS refers to an emotionally distressing situation that we could not anticipate and for which we were not prepared. Such a DHS can be triggered, for example, by an unexpected separation or loss of a loved one, unexpected anger or worry, or by a sudden diagnosis or prognosis shock. A DHS differs from a psychological “issue” or an everyday stress situation insofar as an unexpected conflict shock involves not only the psyche but also the brain and the body. From a biological point of view, “unexpected” implies that, unprepared for, the situation could potentially be detrimental for the one, who was caught off-guard. In order to assist the individual during such an unanticipated crisis, a Significant Biological Special Program, created for exactly that particular situation, is instantly set into motion. Since these age-old meaningful survival programs are inherent in all organisms, including us humans, we speak in GNM of biological conflicts rather than of psychological conflicts.

Topics on and by dr. Hamera of the laws of nature, each illness is preceded by an experience
I make it and run in a two-phase cycle. Embryonic origin
from which it is derived) diseases, what processes take place in it during its progress.
Microorganisms – fungi, bacteria, viruses – also assigned to specific germ lists, and their role is
Corrective phase processes after introducing the recovery process. The organ in which the disease develops is registered
from the relationship between the types of sensations that accompanied activities related to the place of occurrence and the activity of a given function and
has its own biological meaning.

1. The iron law of sickness
According to the first law of nature, every disease is preceded by this
a contact that meets several criteria:- It is dramatic, experienced as a tragedy, it does not allow you to feel calm.
– It is unexpected – something happens suddenly or suddenly at the wrong time, there was something for prepared virtualization.
– The situation that happens to us is unacceptable, not to the store.
– The situation we are experiencing is unresolved or temporary. There are no solutions to it.
– Emotions are experienced in part.
We call such a price or experience a problematic one, and adequately, which led this situation – a situation
conflict. We usually take an abbreviation simply by using the word conflict. In great colloquial conflict
Confrontation is confrontation – with a confrontation, a neighbour, the boss of work in conflicts … In terms of psychobiology, a conflict
to shock the case from anywhere. It can be a relationship with another, but also
situations – for example, fire, relief from work, home, country.


2. Biphasic disease
Each disease has a two-phase course, provided that the conflict is resolved. This cycle consists of
the phase of conflict activity (from the moment of impact “to the moment of resolution), the phase of recovery (healing)
with the epileptic crisis, a critical juncture that occurs roughly in the middle of it. The whole process
we call Nature’s Special Biological Meaningful Program.

3. Ontogenetic system of diseases
The way the tissue responds to biological conflict depends on which germ layer it comes from.
In tissues derived from evolutionarily older germ layers (endoderm, old mesoderm) over time,
when the conflict is active, tissue growth takes place – ġuz grows. After the conflict is resolved, the tumor decays.
In tissues derived from evolutionarily younger germ layers (new mesoderm, ectoderm) there is
the other way round. In the phase of conflict activity, cavities are formed, which are supplemented after its resolution. In some
ectoderm-derived tissues, no cavities appear during the first phase of a special nature program,
but there is a decrease or increase in tissue function. Function returns to normal after conflict resolution.
What we call a disease, i.e. its clinical symptoms, occurs in the form of specific ailments
in various phases of nature’s special program. In the evolutionarily older tissues, the symptoms of the disease are visible in the
when the conflict is active. In younger ones – in the so-called the repair phase. There are also some exceptions to this rule. In some
pain symptoms may appear already in the phase of conflict activity, but the key clinical symptoms are
appear in the recovery phase (e.g. coronary artery disease – myocardial infarction).
4. Ontogenetic system of organisms
According to dr. Hamer, microbes are not assigned to diseases but to germ layers. Fungi and mycobacteria,
as the oldest in evolution, they are associated with tissues derived from the endoderm and the old mesoderm. Younger, bacteria
They “work” in tissues derived from the old and new mesoderm. The youngest evolutionary viruses appear
in tissues derived from the ectoderm. The role of microbes is to support the recovery phase after the conflict is resolved
– the breakdown of tumors where tissue growth or tissue reconstruction took place during the conflict activity phase
in the first phase of nature’s special program, cavities took place.

5. Biphasic disease has a biological sense and purpose and is the organism’s adaptation to the situation
The biological goal of the disease is to solve the problem that was the source of the emotional upheaval, that is
adapting to a conflict situation. The logic of biology has nothing to do with the logic of the rational mind, therefore
this law of nature is difficult for some to understand.
Let’s look at an example of this biology. If an uncomfortable guest stays in your house for a few days, for example
disliked, noisy cousin, and you suffer from not being able to feel comfortable in your territory,
cavities appear in the mucosa of your bladder – ulcerations, the more the more intense the stress
you survive because of an unwanted visitor. The surface of the mucosa will increase and the volume of the bladder will increase. Biological
and the goal of these changes is to create a larger urine reservoir, which in biology is used to mark territory.
From the point of view of a rational mind, such a solution does not make sense, you would not have thought of it.
to sow the apartment by demonstrating to the intruder who is the owner of the territory here, but on the level of biology (body)
this is the only way to get rid of the uncomfortable visitor. When your cousin is gone, the stress is gone and you don’t have to
manifest to anyone that your home is your territory. You don’t need extra urine anymore, so your brain
will send a signal to repair the cavities. There will be inflammation and swelling in the bladder mucosa, in which they will find themselves
cells and substances to fill ulcers. There will be pain, difficulty urinating, and your doctor will give you up
diagnosis: cystitis.

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