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2-3 hours Yoga and Live Ecstatic Dance Journey

Inside Out Movement Journey 

We are yoga instructor and multi-instrumentalists/psycho-sensory practitioners based in London. 

Inside Out is a journey that combines two transformative practices – yoga and ecstatic dance/dynamic meditation – to help you active mental and physical well being. 

  Through this workshop, you will move through a sequence of yoga postures, breathing practices, and powerful energy work to open and strengthen your body. You will then explore ecstatic dance/dynamic meditation to access your inner wisdom and creativity. Through this journey, you will release stagnant energy, access deeper parts of yourself, and cultivate greater self-awareness, understanding, and connection. You will deepen your practice and explore your connection with yourself and the world around you. This workshop is designed to improve your physical body and help you explore and express your inner truth, feelings and sensations in a safe and supportive environment. 


This journey for:   

– People who are looking to improve their physical strength and mental well being
– People who want to access their inner wisdom and creativity
– People who want to release the energy of stress and access deeper parts of themselves
– People who love dance and awesome live music

– People who love the freedom of movement

– People who want to deepen their yoga practice and explore their connection with themselves and the world


What you may experience:

An increased state of relaxation

Developing one point of observation

Releasing anxiety levels

Learning about the difference between reaction and free choice

Sleep enhancement

Increasing oxygen in cells

Immune system regulation

Stress reduction in the sympathetic nervous system (SNS)

Increasing lymphatic circulation

Increasing levels of nitric oxide

Quick change from Alfa to Theta brainwave

Reel Video – Live in London 

BE WELL live act is a one-man electro-acoustic act founded in 2016 by the multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Sabio Janiak.

BE WELL live act supports communities, organisations and individuals by delivering electro-acoustic musical performances combined with psycho-sensory modalities. 

Most of the music presented during this performance is improvised and actively engages the audience using psycho-sensory modalities.

This unique combination aims to calm down the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems creating a deep state of physical and mental relaxation and the state of inner peace. 

BE WELL live act has been designed to bridge the worlds of live and electronic music as the missing link between Djing and live performance.

This alternative idea provides the perfect solution for those 

who do not wish to choose between  DJ and live band.

To express his creative nature, Sabio has designed his unique system to express himself in the field of music. The voice, beatboxing, acoustic and electronic instruments, and ability to compose everything in real-time is treated as one big instrument. This exciting combination gives him unlimited possibilities, which allow him to create magical worlds of sounds. As a result of this approach,

BE WELL live act performance sounds like a whole band, DJ or even a real orchestra.


Yoga is Ecstasy, it’s a unique style of Yoga that has been mixed with live music and ecstatic dance. It is a modern version of Hatha-Raja Yoga, fused with the vinyasa flow and Kundalini breathing techniques performed with the finest musicians in demand, presented with high-quality live sounds by using hypnotic frequencies to take you in a deeper meditative state and solid physical practice to keep your mind connected to your body in the present moment during the event.

This event is more than a yoga class; it’s an experience described as a dance of the spirit between mind and body. It’s a journey that it will set you on the ecstasy state by practising heart openers, as well as inversions combined with hip flexors asanas, leading to improved flexibility, strength, balance and concentration. A complete practice of mind and body to connect you to yourself and others through the vibration of sounds and mind-blowing music.




Multi Instrumentalist, composer, Certified Havening practitioner, the end of life doula, transformational coach, multi-disciplinary holistic mental health practitioner.

Since 2005, thanks to his unique skills, he has visited and worked in more than 85 countries, delivering performances, workshops, education and retreats worldwide.

“The greatest passion in my life is to help individuals and groups to restore an original balanced state of wellness, inner peace, joy and harmony to their everyday lives.

As a musician with therapeutic background, my approach is to safely guide you through the harmonisation process of your mental and physical aspects of you. I am sincerely willing to help you restore your true power, your divine signature. This power is your voice. By restoring these crucial aspects of yourself, you can smoothly and peacefully navigate through your personal space and restore harmony and balance in your everyday life.

“By desiring harmony, you will balance your life. By becoming “harmony”, you can change the world.”

Sabio Janiak


Kash’s dynamic Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga classes instil a balance of warmth and energy within the body and calmness of the mind. His classes cover all major aspects of Yoga: Breathing (Pranayama), Meditation, Posture (Asana) alignments, modifications and Relaxation (Savasana). Kash received his Hatha Yoga Teaching Certification at Anasura Yoga School in 2020.
Kash believes his past experience as a DJ (over a decade, to be exact) to be extremely valuable. He saw music and dancing as union factors of bringing people together and in finding Yoga, all he could ever think about was, “how would these two concepts merge and work together?” Yoga became the antidote to the excesses of DJ’s life, and his study of philosophy, anatomy and sequencing deepened as he became a teacher. Also, as a DJ, how to create playlists that elevate a student’s class experience and how music and Yoga can be spiritual experiences.
Kash also is a sound facilitator and works with instruments such as Tanpura, Handpan, Bowls and Gongs.
He is certain that this concept encourages positivity and well-being, and he is excited to share his experiences and ideas with as many people as he can.

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